Breeding the Jaguar Cichlid

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Redfish Aquarium Magazine: Breeding the Jaguar Cichlid

In this article Mo Devlin gives advice on how to breed the strikingly patterned and charismatic Jaguar Cichlid (Parachromis managuense). Mo has a great deal of experience with these fish, having kept and bred many pairs over a long period of time. Mo is also a talented and dedicated photographer and this article also features his amazing photography of these fish through the whole process of spawning and fry raising. Topics covered in this article include:

  • The intriguing behaviours of breeding pairs during courtship, spawning and fry raising.
  • The potential for aggression when breeding these fish in aquaria and how to manage this.
  • How to recognise the different stages of courtship.
  • Sexual dimporhism (the difference between males and females) in these large guapotes.
  • The fascinating lip-locking behaviour performed by the pair during breeding.
  • Questions of ethics surrounding the breeding of large volumes of fry by the hobbyist versus the situation in the wild where only a few fry survive from any one batch.
  • Parental care and development of the eggs and fry and feeding and nutrition of the young fish.

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